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This semester I am completing a history course entitled Digital History. As part of the course, we are required to design a website using , as part of our coursework assessment. This site focuses on the dissemination of information to the general audience, who seeks to examine the various folklore’s introduced mainly by the Africans that were bought to the region. Focus is mainly on Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Guyana.   I find this topic to be really fun, exciting and interesting, as we explore the different folklore of the various Caribbean islands. However, there is one similarity between these islands when it comes to exploring this topic. Many elements of Caribbean folklore are African in origin and all three islands at some point, mainly by force, worked on the plantations. In doing so, to come to terms with the reality of slavery, the formerly enslaved would tell these stories to the younger ones  to instill their culture and heritage within them.

I do hope that this website is informative in the eyes of its audience. If anyone has an interesting story about folklore or any experiences please contact me. I can be reached via email:, or you can leave a comment here and I would get back to you.

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Andrea Ali